Art Therapy: A Reflection on Healing at United College by Lajja Dixit

Jan 4th, 2024

Category - Events


In reflection upon a transformative event at United College, we revisit the captivating 'Art Therapy' session hosted by the insightful Lajja Dixit on the 28th of December at United Seminar Hall. This retrospective takes us through a journey of creative exploration and healing, uniting both United College students and teachers in an unforgettable experience.

Looking back, we acknowledge the pivotal role played by Lajja Dixit, who skillfully guided students and teachers alike through the 'Art Therapy' session. Her expertise in merging artistic expression with psychological insights created an environment conducive to self-discovery and healing. United College students and teachers collectively embarked on a unique artistic expedition. Through mediums such as painting, drawing, and sculpting, participants explored the depths of their emotions and unleashed their creativity. The shared experience fostered a sense of camaraderie and mutual understanding within the United College community.

Though the event is now a part of our history, the memories forged during the 'Art Therapy' session endure. The bonds formed among United College students and teachers showcase the power of shared experiences in fostering a supportive and connected community. Revisiting this event underscores the profound impact of art as a therapeutic tool. The canvas became a space for individuals to communicate emotions that transcended verbal expression, enabling both students and teachers to navigate their narratives. In reflection, the 'Art Therapy' event at United College leaves a lasting legacy on mental well-being. The positive transformations reported by participants highlight the versatility of art therapy in promoting stress relief, alleviating anxiety, and aiding in the processing of personal experiences.

The 'Art Therapy' event, held at United College on the 28th of December, has woven a tapestry of memories and personal transformations among students and teachers. Lajja Dixit's guidance, coupled with the collective creativity of the United College community, has left an indelible mark on the institution's culture, showcasing the enduring power of art as a medium for healing and self-discovery. As we revisit this event, we celebrate the shared journey of nurturing souls and unveiling creativity within the unique fabric of United College.