Years of history
and education

Established in 2058 B.S. as the higher wing of the triumphant United Academy, United College (UC) is centrally located at Kumaripati, Lalitpur. The college is established to offer courses in business studies, IT and humanities through a scientific and disciplined approach. The college affiliated with Tribhuvan University runs Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS), Bachelor of Business Management (BBM), Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA), and Master of Business Studies (MBS) in an unrivalled environment. 
The college strives to equip students with the latest insight into the competitive world by making them more sensitive, sensible, and responsible. United College is not just a college in the literal sense, but rather a college in fact in that it embodies and uses all the necessary infrastructures both physical and academic to their fullest extent in order to enable the students to face all sorts of challenges and problems. 
United College is a part of the United Education System which boastfully proclaims itself as a complete institution that caters to education from pre-primary to post-graduate levels.

Message from Principal

United College (UC) welcomes our new students in Bachelor Programs: 4-year program in Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS). On behalf of United College, I would like to express my commitment that we are firm in our goal and the promise that we have made to students, parents, and guardians, who have entrusted us with the education and the future of their children. Since 2005, UC has extended its program to Masters of Business Studies (MBS), as a natural corollary to our graduate programs which are running very successfully. All these programs are affiliated with Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal. Moreover, I would also like to inform our parents and guardians that UC is a part of the United Education Foundation. UEF symbolizes quality, excellence, and discipline in the education sector. United Education Foundation incorporates the education system from the pre-primary level to the post-graduate level.
At United Campus, we have prioritized the needs of students to make them global. It offers students the latest technology in imparting education for their entry into the competitive world. English is the medium of instruction. UC follows innovative, modern student-friendly methods of teaching techniques. Free tutorial classes are provided to help weaker students. There are home assignments and projects. The field studies are regular features and students have to submit their reports after such field trips. They are given handouts to encourage them into reading and writing habits. Participatory teaching methods are used, with tutor programs, group discussions, seminars, and research programs to encourage their involvement.
UC has also created Management Research and Development Center (MRDC) to encourage Bachelor's and Master level students in the use of technology in academic activities, and involve them in research works We want to assure you once again that your children/wards are in safe hands and we respect your trust. Thank you. 

Dr Lal Rapacha, Post-PhD
Humboldt Fellow, AvH & National Geographic Explorer


Tutorial Classes

Many tutorial classes are free of cost for students to make sure those in need of help can catch up with others.

Home Assignment / Projects

Students have to do home assignments after a lesson is over. The home assignment is checked and returned promptly.

Field Study / Excursion

United College frequently organizes field studies and industrial visits to emphasize practical study. Students need to experience the application of their knowledge in the real world and also get some time off from the monotony of classroom learning. The students have to submit a report after such trips.


Handouts are the most effective and important tools to aid the teaching-learning process in the classroom. After the completion of one or two lessons, teachers of related subjects provide students with various materials in the form of handouts.

Participatory Method

To encourage students’ participation in the classroom, students as Tutor Program, Group Discussion and Project Work are conducted. Students are assigned projects relevant to their course requirement. Project work is always highly demanding as students need to demonstrate their ability to experiment, manage time and practice presentation skills.

Seminar and Research

United College emphasizes involvement of students in research work.

The subject teacher as per need recommends the research work. In order to provide further information about the curriculum and give students the opportunity for experiencing real life, United College organizes seminars with experienced managers and researchers.

Teaching Equipment

Projectors, Audio-Visual Aid, Computers, Video and other necessary equipment are used.

Student as a Tutor

The normal routine of attending lectures every day in classes and following them up with certain hours of study at home more often invites boredom amongst the creative minds of students at Bachelors and Masters levels. In order to make the learning process more interesting, United College introduces a unique class activity called ‘Student as a Tutor’.

This is an interactive session inside a classroom, where students are given relevant topics in different subjects related to their syllabus. They prepare the topic(s) and then come in front of the classroom and give a ‘lecture’ on the particular subject assigned to her/him in the same way as a teacher teaches a subject. The student is also cross-questioned by her/his classmates. This is an effective method of knowledge enhancement with a perfect blend of fun, excitement and learning experience since one can learn a lot (up to 90% as per some claims) while teaching others.