United College: Best BBS college in Nepal

May 15th, 2024

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Want to choose the best BBS college, But still confused?

As the gradual method of educating has changed time and again United College has been following through it. Established in 2001, it still has been standing strong providing quality education for many generations and more to come.

United College is known throughout Nepal for its excellent education coexisting with its impeccable standard for discipline. Trusted by the parents United hosts a great number of students throughout the country which further speaks about the quality of education it provides.

United College: Providing the best BBS course in Nepal

The question arises what can United offer for the newly graduated +2 students that other institutions can't provide? United College offers the best in the town BBS course that embodies all the necessary infrastructure to our fullest extent to enable the students to face all sorts of challenges and problems of the time. 

Let’s explore some of the reasons why United can stand as the best BBS college in Lalitpur:

  1. Technological literacy:

It’s researched to prove that a person’s mind can gather information better if it’s shown in visual as well as audial format. Keeping that in mind, United College offers an audio-visual teaching method that enhances the learning experience provided to the students. All the reading materials are easily accessible through the college app and website. The notes provided to students by teachers are timely monitored and updated to meet the standard of education. 

2. Additional Academia 

United Academy is known for its ability to guide students into performing at their peak. It's mainly possible through the numerous ability tests taken throughout the year interminably if a student is seen lacking in any topics they are provided with extra classes regarding the subject. If a student feels that they are underperforming in any subjects they can also ask their counselor permission to join the classes. To help students gain practical knowledge of topics they are studying the teachers assign students project works which they need to give presentations on it, This highlights the knowledge gained by the students and creates a significance of achievement among them.

3. Multitudinous clubs

United Academy is a proud member of Toastmasters International. Its sole purpose is for the development of communication, public speaking, and leadership skills for students which they might need for their future endeavors. Interested students can even indulge their curiosity in coffee clubs where there are barista courses taught by specialists in the field.   United also offers numerous other clubs like the Literacy and Publication Club, Social Work Club, Management Club, Sports Club, etc. These clubs provide a hub for similar minds alike following their passion while enriching their creativity. There are also events to enrich the students in developing their networking and social skills. Throughout the year, arrays of programs are conducted for better development of students with the added benefit of networking. Many of these event ideas are suggested by the student council which United takes pride in facilitating it.

4. Unleashing Brilliance: UCEII – 2022

UCEII is an epicenter of innovation for students and graduates alike. Its sole purpose of formation is to allow students of United Academy to indulge in their freelancing ability. UCEII works with students, alumni, and entrepreneurs to create successful businesses. UCEII provides students with abundant benefits such as Seed funding, networking opportunities, access to venture capital, marketing assistance, comprehensive business training, and many more. UCEII is a stepping stone for the student's future working together with the passion that drives the student 

5. Extra Curriculum Activities 

As BBS is considered the most dropout course other colleges aren't too keen on thinking about the physical development of their students but that isn't the case at United Academy. United provides their entire student regardless of the faculty to participate and compete in physical activities. The college also hosts sports week annually consisting of games like chess, basketball, football, table tennis, badminton, tug of war, etc. These extracurricular activities relax and sharpen the minds of students as students are also encouraged to take part in cultural activities like poetry recitation, dance, debate, etc.

6. Enhanced Technological Safety Infrastructure

United Academy has developed a reputation around Nepal for its absolute discipline. The college has situated numerous CCTV for the safety of its students and staff alike. United Academy has an absolute 0 tolerance policy for fighting, bullying, and religionism. But in terms of security, United Academy goes beyond its college boundaries and does routine surveillance checks around certain parameters of approximately 5km in which If a college student is seen in distress the surveillance members will take immediate action according to the situation.

United Academy creates a peaceful learning environment for all its students regardless of their ethnicity, race, and religion.

So are you Ready to Be a Unitedian?

We provide abounding learning opportunities’ here at United Academy 

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