United Luminary Unveiling Ceremony at the Best Management College: United College

Mar 6th, 2024

Category - Events


Date: 13/11/2080

Venue: United Pavilion Hall


In the vibrant halls of United College the best management College, anticipation is palpable as the annual launch event for the college magazine, United Luminary. This eagerly awaited occasion promises to be a beacon of inspiration and celebration, showcasing the collective brilliance of our college community. The event commences with the arrival of our esteemed guest Prof. Dr. Kushum Shakya, accompanied by Mr. Baburam Timsina. Tshering from Ideas Studio Nepal joins them. Serving as the event's EMCEE is our distinguished alumni from the batch of 2007, Mrs. Sofia Maharjan Karki. As participants interact during the networking session, connections are established, and insights are shared, nurturing a spirit of togetherness and cooperation.

Lamp Lighting Ceremony: 

In eager anticipation, silence fills the hall as the Lamp lighting ceremony begins. This symbolic tradition serves as a poignant symbol, reminding us of the transformative power of knowledge to illuminate our path and lead us toward enlightenment. As the strains of the national anthem fill the hall, a sense of pride swells within each attendee, united in their shared love for their country and college. The moment is ripe with significance as we come together to celebrate the rich tapestry of talent and diversity that defines United College.

The highlight of the Event: 

The highlight of the event is undoubtedly the unveiling of the latest edition of United Luminary. Bursting with student research, thought-provoking articles, and captivating insights, the magazine serves as a testament to the creativity of our college community. A particularly enriching aspect of the event is the book review by Baburam Timilsina, an esteemed Assistant Professor at Tribhuvan University's Management Faculty. With his depth of knowledge and passion for learning, Mr. Timilsina offers valuable insights that inspire and challenge us to think critically about the world around us.

As the event draws to a close, Chief Guest Prof. Dr. Kusum Shakya delivers a heartfelt message, expressing her admiration for United College's achievements and its students' achievements. Her words serve as a source of encouragement, motivating us to strive for excellence in all our endeavors.


Concluding with a heartfelt expression of gratitude from our principal, Dr Lal Rapacha, and a feeling of achievement, the curtains draw to a close on yet another triumphant United Luminary launch event. As participants gradually depart, fueled by inspiration, they cherish the recollections of a morning brimming with camaraderie, enlightenment, and jubilation.

Furthermore, as the reverberations of United Luminary spread far and wide, they serve as a beacon of inspiration for educational institutions and organizations across the region and beyond. The event's success underscores the importance of fostering a culture of collaboration, innovation, and inclusivity in the pursuit of academic excellence. In the aftermath of United Luminary, alumni, partners, and stakeholders are galvanized by the shared vision of a brighter, more enlightened future. Through continued engagement and support, they contribute to the ongoing evolution of United College, propelling it to new heights of distinction and influence in the educational landscape. As the college community reflects on the profound impact of this event, they are reminded of the transformative power of collective endeavour and the boundless potential that lies within each individual. With hearts full of gratitude and minds ablaze with possibility, they look forward to the next chapter in United College's journey, confident in the knowledge that together, they can overcome any challenge and achieve greatness.