United Center for Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Incubation (UCEII)

United College has a well-facilitated incubation center, an initiative of UC, established with the primary objective of promoting startups and presenting their ideas for sustainable entrepreneurship development. United College helps students develop their ideas in various ways that are customer-centered and market-relevant.

Core Objectives:

  • To identify potential Entrepreneurs among the students and faculty of United College and United Academy and to create a platform for them to emerge as successful entrepreneurs.
  • To identify new business opportunities in the various sectors for students and faculties. 
  • To focus on areas with high potential for Entrepreneurship.


UC has a fully equipped auditorium of 300 seat capacity to conduct various programs and events for the students.

Seminar room

UC has set up a new seminar hall of 45 seat capacity to conduct various training and workshops.

Dining Services

“There is no sincere love than the love of food” - George Bernard Shaw The main Canteen is Adjacent to the college basketball court The main canteen serves staples like Daal, Bhat, Tarkari to our staff and students. It serves breakfast, and buffet lunch. The menu for lunch changes daily depending on the availability of seasonal vegetables, and the snacks menu comprises chowmein, pakauda, chips, etc.


The library covers a wide range of subjects and has ample study space for quiet study as well as a group study. Our library is well equipped with textbooks, reference books, study materials, newspapers, magazines and computers for students to use. The library has a good collection of books on Management, Accounts, Computer Science, Taxation, Strategy, Economics, Law, Programming, and Software Engineering.

Library Regulations
  • The student must have a valid United College card to use the library books.
  • The card must be shown in case a librarian asks you at the library.
  • The damage to library property must be reported and must be replaced.
  • The library items must be issued before they are removed from the library.
  • The students can only use their library cards to borrow books.
  • The students cannot borrow non-course books during exam time.
  • The opening hours for the library are 07:00 - 17:00 from Sunday - Friday.

IT Lab

The IT lab provides computer and internet facilities to students and staff in our college. Computers in IT labs are generally equipped with internet access, while scanners and printers may compound the lab setup.
The IT lab has regular updates on the IT installations such as software and networking as per the requirements. Information and communication are two of the most important factors for the success of students in any institution and we provide the right facilities for it.

United Coffee Club

United Main Building, Pavilion Reminiscent of the quick service dining scene of any Megacities, United Coffee club is a place where you can enjoy cakes, sandwiches, pies, and hot and cold drinks. It is an amazing place to grab freshly brewed coffee, freshly prepared sandwiches. This is a great place to socialize over a cup of coffee or tea with friends.

United Coffee Club 2

On the right-hand side when you enter United Academy Galli. This is an extension of United Coffee Club where we will be serving various kinds of momos to nourish, satisfy and inspire you. Along with that, you can treat yourself to various kinds of dry snacks, ice-creams, coffees, and smoothies.